Magic Scope Kaleidoscope

Here's another item that I find bizarre. A kaleidoscope that has this really cool "MADE IN RP" markings, but whats weird about it is - it has some Chinese characters. A quick Google Translate shows that the Chinese characters "萬花筒" direclty translate to "Kaleidoscope".

On one part of this kaleidoscope the markings "ALICE PLASTIC WORLD" can be seen, but the sad part is I don't have much details yet on when this cool toy was released. Was it released in the 90s? 80s or 70s? Maybe 60s?
Could it be that this item was manufactured by someone from Mainland China who migrated to the Philippines and then setup a plastic products factory?
Maybe the manufacturer is still in business and they just changed their present business name; we never know.

Here's some photos of this ultra cool Magic 萬花筒 Scope.
Comment down below or send us an email if you have some information regarding this démodé looking kaleidoscope.

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