Barbie From Philippines?

Almost everyone has heard about Mattel's Barbie fashion doll toy line. A fictional character that goes by the fullname of Barbara Millicent Roberts and brainchild of one of Mattel's founders Ruth Handler. Barbie's appearance was based after a German comic-strip character inspired doll named Bild Lilli, which Mattel actually bought the rights before Ruth and her colleagues can make their own version.
It was on March 9th, 1959 when the Barbie toy line was first introduced to the market with a tag of $3 a piece. Over the years, Mattel has sold over one billion of these Barbie dolls.

But did you know that at one time in the days of yore, this extremely popular toy line was manufactured in the Philippines? Yes you got it right - in the good old days Mattel's Philippine subsidiary have their plants in Cainta and Pasig. Their Cainta plant manufacture costumes and accessories while their Pasig factory produce the dolls and costumes.
You may stumble upon a Barbie doll that has the marking "1966" on the back just above the buttocks. Nothing rare here as this 1966 marking refers to the year the patent was registered in the country it was produced. If you have old Barbie dolls with the 1966 marking and you wanna know their country of origin, kindly refer to the details below.
Year Manufactured 1959-1972 1968-1970 1970-1987 1970-1987 1973-1978
Country of Origin Japan Mexico Hong Kong Taiwan Korea

Year Manufactured 1978-1988 1986 to present 1986 to present 1989-1990 1992 to present
Country of Origin Philippines China Malaysia Mexico Indonesia

Here's some photos I got from one of the Philippine-made Barbies I have in my toy collection.

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